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Three friends, Marcus Gladstone-Noble, James Grant and James Richardson, make a five-day walk across Dartmoor. Setting of in sunshine they journey through rain, mist and myth to the ancient oak woodlands of Piles Copse, Wistman’s Wood and Black-a-Tot-Beare. This book of photographs, poetry, prose and illustration is a personal response to their walk, offering a vibrantly direct encounter with a much-loved landscape.


Reviewed in the May/June 2015 edition of Resurgence and The Ecologist magazine by nature writer Miriam Darling: "Without work like this, how will we be able to cherish and protect our wild places, or indeed look after the wild within?"




The High Oak

  • Hardback with 128 colour pages of images, poems and prose. Designed by Dave Harbott, printed by MRM Graphics and published in 2015 in hassociation with Watermill Books.

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